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History of Our Foundation

P. Anthony Chapdelaine, Jr., MD, MSPH, Exec. Dir./Sec.*

“The Roger Wyburn-Mason and Jack M. Blount Foundation for Eradication of Rheumatoid Disease” (The Foundation) – and its first project, “The Rheumatoid Disease Foundation” (also known as “The Arthritis Trust of America”) – was established by Perry A. Chapdelaine, Sr. and a small group of doctors and scientists in 1982 when it was chartered as a non-profit, charitable organization in the State of Tennessee. “The Arthritis Trust of America” is the primary resource for The Foundation’s research and recommendations on arthritic diseases and offers findings from decades of clinical research and experience through the website

The original research behind The Foundation started before the 1980’s when Professor Roger Wyburn-Mason, M.D., Ph.D., author of several important medical textbooks and a renowned specialist in nerve diseases, honored by having two nerve diseases named after him during his lifetime – along with Vice-Admiral Stamm, a world-class protozoologist – came to the conclusion from their experimental work that a common Limax amoeba was responsible for about 100 differently named collagen tissue diseases, including Rheumatoid Arthritis, Psoriasis, Scleroderma, and many others. All of these we now call “Rheumatoid Diseases.”

It is likely that by using antibiotics during their controlled experiments Wyburn-Mason and Stamm mistook cell-wall deficient bacteria for the particular free-living amoeba which they identified as Limax. In the 1970s when their research was conducted, very few doctors or scientists knew about cell-wall deficient organisms since knowledge of cell-wall deficient forms, or pleomorphic organisms, was not widely spread, nor was knowledge widely dispersed on the fact that antibiotics strip off the cell-walls of many bacteria, creating a new hard-to-detect or kill bacterial form.

To this day a trained microbiologist (protozoologist) can easily make similar mistakes; and obviously most of the today’s medical profession is still unaware that they are not necessarily destroying infective bacteria through the liberal use of antibiotics, but in most cases simply stripping off bacteria cell-walls so that the bacteria can no longer be recognized by our immunological system. (It is the cell wall of the bacteria that permits our defense system to recognize an enemy.) Later, when the pleomorphic (cell-wall deficient “amoebic-looking”) form reconstructs itself, the physician will report that, “You are infected again!” and prescribe another round of antibiotics, sometimes continuing this futile cycle for months.

We now have good reason to believe that pleomorphic or viral organisms (and the inflammation they cause) are a major source of most forms of debilitating diseases, including collagen tissue diseases such as Rheumatoid Diseases. Changes in the environment surrounding microorganisms influence their form and function, thus creating health or disease states. Known for more than 100 years, although still unknown to some modern microbiologists, this pristine truth has yet to trickle through to the medical practitioner.

Nonetheless, Wyburn-Mason, based on his hypothesis – that an organism infecting all systems in the human body, for a person who has a genetic susceptibility to that organism, causes collagen tissue diseases – correctly (or serendipitously) created the world’s first, consistently effective treatment favorably affecting the majority of those afflicted with a Rheumatoid Disease. This discovery formed the basis for the treatment successfully used by The Foundation’s referral physicians (approximately 80% of patients found a significant or total halt to the progression of their Rheumatoid Disease).

Gus J. Prosch, Jr., M.D. and other physicians prepared formal medical treatment protocols that are in use to this day. These treatment recommendations include the importance and specifics of diet as well as vitamin and mineral supplements in the treatment of various forms of arthritis. Both the medical treatment protocol and the diets and supplements were published by The Foundation and made available to the public and other physicians at “The Arthritis Trust of America” website. See “The Roger Wyburn-Mason Treatment for Rheumatoid Disease.” Thomas McPherson Brown, M.D. is also owed a great deal for his research in uncovering the probable role of mycoplasm in Rheumatoid Diseases, and in developing a separate successful antibiotic treatment.

Further work during the 1980’s by The Foundation physicians and scientists (years before their conclusions became basic principles in alternative or conventional medicine) confirmed the importance of other nutritional and environmental factors which contribute to Rheumatoid Diseases and to Osteoarthritis, including ionic calcium and Vitamin D deficiencies; toxins from mercury amalgams; inflammation from food allergies or sensitivities; imbalanced gut bacteria or overgrowth of Candida; and many other factors found to be contributing “causes.” The Foundation’s Executive Director, Perry A. Chapdelaine, Sr., summarized this research in his article, “How to Get Well” ( found at “The Arthritis Trust of America” website.

The Foundation now accepts the fact that most of the degenerative diseases, including Rheumatoid Diseases, are multi-factorial problems. This means that many factors operate to create the inflammatory conditions which interact with, or alter, directly or indirectly, genetic expression. Among these factors are: nutrition, Candidiasis, stress, microorganisms, allergies, food sensitivities, chemical sensitivities, mercury poisoning (tooth amalgams), faulty root canal surgery, foci of infection, genetics and so on.

Beginning with only five physicians in 1982, The Foundation’s list of referral physicians grew to over 200 in 17 countries (mainly the US) within a few years. Although The Foundation has mailed out millions of solicitation requests since its founding in 1982, it has also answered from 2 to 10 personal letters per day since 1982. During one year alone, more than 40,000 actions (answered mail and telephone calls, physician referral lists, etc.) were counted. The number of 4-page physician lists that were mailed out numbered in the tens of thousands. The physician referral sources are available at “The Arthritis Trust of America” website.

Following the death of Perry A. Chapdelaine, Sr., the Founder and Executive Director of The Foundation, the Board of Directors – intending to expand The Foundation’s scope to include exciting new research about the treatment and prevention of Cancer – changed the name of The Foundation to “The National Fund for Alternative Medicine.” The Board continued The Foundation’s original project, “The Arthritis Trust of America,” (found at and added two additional projects, “The Coalition for Advanced Cancer Treatment and Prevention” (found at, and “The National Alzheimer’s Disease Institute” (found at

* The Coalition for Advanced Cancer Treatment and Prevention a project of The National Fund for Alternative Medicine